Course Objectives

What is advertising? Create a definition of advertising, and understand its functions and roles and responsibilities within marketing and across society.


What is a strategy? Understand what a strategy is, its importance, and how to develop one.


What is an advertising agency . . . before and today? From Rubicam to Razorfish


Is creative a process? Understand what creative really means. What makes something creative? And why is it important? “If it sells, it’s creative.”


Is all media bought or even planned?  What is media? Do we need to buy it anymore? How can we plan it? How to use it.


What’s your interpretation? Develop your skills to critically interpret, evaluate and critique advertising messages. Best of all, provide you with the opportunity to develop your own original marketing communication thinking.


Becoming your own agency (for a few weeks) You will be assigned a product or service and will be expected to create a brand, marketing strategy, and advertising.

Final Project

For this project, my team and I were assigned a product that did not exist on the market. We were to create a brand logo, mission statement,  tagline, jingle and develop a few ads for the product.