Course Objectives

We will explore B2B examples like whitepapers, infographics and webinars, and B2C like social content, podcasts, videos and more. At the end of the course students should be able to:

  • Define the foundation of content and its role in advertising

  • Identify the major media channels associated with distributing content and how these

  • Channels differentiate themselves and offer different experiences and value for users

  • Analyze real-world examples of content and develop and present proposed content strategies, plans, and tactics

  • Create content that works across platforms, uses best practices, and succeeds in meeting its advertising objectives

Final Project

Create a content plan for the brand Igloo. Include 2 personas, a content audit and a journey map for each persona. Then create original content based on those journey maps. 

I created content for Kyle Parker in the Advocacy Stage: 3 Easy Cocktails to Make at Your Next Tailgate.