Course Objectives

This course will examine the role of copy and the copywriter from the development of strategy through the execution of various creative elements – including print, television, radio, internet, events, and whatever media form they think of next. Emphasis on practice (grounded in theory) because copywriting (all writing in fact) is about learning by doing. You will emerge with several ads that can be the foundation for a professional entry-level portfolio as well as the understanding of fundamentals of written persuasive communication that will help you as you grow in whatever field you eventually choose.

The course will:



  • By the end of the course, you will be expected to understand:

  • The right way to develop a strategy

  • To find a relevant and creative idea/concept

  • Translating that into various forms of written advertising related communication

  • Embrace the power of written persuasive communication

  • Begin to be critical of your own work, and be able to select your best ideas and present and defend them

  • Begin to find your own creative voice and express it in a way that will get the attention of industry professionals

  • Explore the differences between image advertising, brand sell, and specific elements of IMC

  • Above all, you will understand what it is to write from an advertising perspective.

Final Project

 Faculty member Ken Krimstein asked us to come up with a fully integrated campaign for Maxwell House Coffee. Our goal was to put Maxwell House in first place.