Course Objectives

The course will include lectures and guest speakers introducing students to the spectrum of the public relations industry, yet concentrating on the most fundamental and current parts of the business. It is designed to prepare you for the next level of courses in the graduate school curriculum.


The course will:



  • Introduce students to the PR profession and the role it plays in organizational development and advancement, (including agency, corporate and not-for-profit PR)

  • Give students a deeper understanding of the many facets of effective public relations study through critical analysis and evaluation of case histories in several areas of study

  • Provide an opportunity for students to develop a comprehensive public relations campaign and present it to a real world client

  • Develop a deeper understanding of many areas of PR study from examination of case histories, review and discussions in class with fellow students

  • Teach students elements of working in a team setting with group assignments to simulate the real world of the public relations business

Final Project

The class collaborated with DePaul Universities Office of Communications and Public Relations and the Office of Health and Wellness to create a campaign geared towards raising awareness about relationship violence on DePaul campuses.