Ever get that bad taste in your mouth? Yeah that's what Miracle Mattress left when they featured their "Twin Towers commercial". Agencies are paid to plan ahead, look at the bigger picture and come up with the next innovative campaign. This is the reason companies hire them or even have check and balances internally so this nonsense doesn't happen. In my undergrad, I took a journalistic law course where we talked about values, morals and ethics of writing. Essentially it was a "if you write this, show this and talk about this are you an asshole or just a great over all journalist?" I would say the same should pertain to commercials. There has to be a top ten stupid things not to do when coming up with a video commercial and having a sale on an anniversary of a national tragedy is one of them. Miracle Mattress employees decided to air a commercial mocking 9/11 in attempts to boost some traffic. The attention they got was that people were pissed! The mattress commercial hit a nerve and people weren't easy to forgive. It is never ok to profit over a tragedy. This got me thinking that what other "Holidays" does the US try to profit from? Labor day, Memorial Day and Veterans Day. What gives American corporations to profit from national days of remembrance. What difference will it make 50 years from now?

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