The Apple does't Fall Far from the Misogynistic Tree

Apple might be a large multi million dollar corporation, but they are not unscathed when dealing with bad PR in the press. Apple prides itself in being innovative with it's products but seems to fall short on that idea in office diversity and inclusion. They seem to be stuck in an era of "men talk" and penal superiority concept. This thought process does not go over well with Millennials that seek diverse and modern work environments. I am biased though, being in my mid 20's and a woman this makes me think why would you ever want to work for a company that wants you at home, bearing kids and cooking dinner in 2016. A large company that lacks in diversity can be stuck in a one minded direction in the creative arena. When a company hires like minded individuals they sell for a like minded consumer. The apple brand limits itself on its reach. I guess that is ok if you are relying heavily on loyal fans and a stable market. Over all I do not believe that this leak will hurt the apple brand as far as denting sales. People don't seem bothered by a product made by narrow minded men. The product is sold by the masses to a zombie like culture. Consumers buy apple because of it's connection to social class. We cannot change a culture that does not want to change, and in the technological field where white men dominate, there is no room for women. Even though we helped man venture space and developed historical solutions to lifes greatest challenges. Women are doomed to fight harder in the job market and even though personally that is bullshit, it makes women stronger and more dedicated employees to have.

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