And They Float to the Sky

The Bethke family dog was put down yesterday. A 14 year old Sergeant Pepper full of spunk and attitude. He would prance everywhere he went and would affectionately stare at you until you shared your food. He was never a ball player but always a ball hog. If your door was open he would barge into your room and act like he owned the place. He was a best friend, sibling, child and someone to share something with. As

he left this earth in one short breath it made me think: What if when you move on from this world, your spirit is a visual object that can be seen but intangible to the touch. How beautiful would it be to see souls rise from their once living breathing bodies and become part of the sky or air we breathe? How would it impact how a person lived their life if they saw souls leave this earth every day? Would a person live their life differently? What if each soul had a different color or hue to match that living beings personality? What if each soul was seen by everyone around the world? What if their souls lifted from their bodies and met in the sky only to disappear past the clouds? Would there be an end or would it be as mysterious as death is now? Would the idea of an afterlife still exist or would we come up with another stage to put all these spirits into a new home? I agree that this could also be a very morbid scene. Many living things pass on every second of everyday. The sky would be filled with souls leaving causing visual chaos. But think about it for a second. If you were next to your loved one while they took their last breath and saw their soul rise from their chest and move up to the sky, would you find peace in that? Souls would dance as they meet each other to begin a new adventure. This adventure would be painless, happy, joyful and memorable. When my grandmother passed on I wondered if my family saw her soul leave her body. I wondered if she stayed in the room after she passed just to make sure that we were all going to be ok. I would say that if you believe in ghosts that they are souls that have lost their way to the other side of the clouds. They are spirits wandering in a limbo that no longer have control of themselves. I want to be there when my dog takes his last breath. I want to watch his chest rise and fall and I want to feel his heart take its last pump. Nothing is more mysterious to me than death. There are two things that are true in this world: we all live and we all die. But death to me isn’t just as black and white as others might assume. It is delicate and painful. It is filled with memories and lacking time. It is ruthless and has no care in the world for feelings. When a living breathing thing moves on after this physical earth I want to feel pain because nothing is more alive than feeling someone leaving this earth while you are still here, living.

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